“L” is a 8 years old child who lives a happy life, until she experiences misunderstanding in her home and decides to abandon it searching for PEACE. She receives a blessing from an angel to create her own life, although when she grows up the same feeling of anger that her father had emerges in her, which makes her abandon her job to search for LOVE.
Without finding a clear path, she goes to the hill to meditate and asks God for help, Who sends her a sign that says: HOLLYWOOD but since she does´t understand it, He sends her two angels. They give her the knowledge of who is God, as He is, where He resides and His task. They explain to her that she is a spiritual eternal and immortal star the same as Him and invite her to Paradise, for which she has to help Them to re-create it once again.
The WOOD of thorns becomes a HOLY garden of flowers full of beauty and virtues while “L” goes through a process of self-transformation becoming an angel and then Vishnu, a perfect being in itself. Finally, in return of her efforts God Shiva makes her into Lakshmi together with Narayan, the emperor and empress of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the “Golden Age”.
So the story ends having attained her aim and objective in life.
Shortfilm directed by Laura Recio.
Duration 16 minutes.
Filmed in Hollywood (Los Angeles, USA) in 16mm film, with integrated 2D visual effects and 3D animation.
Link to the website in spanish www.losangelesdehollywood.com