My name is Laura Recio and I was born the 6th of February of 1982 in a beautiful tropical country, Venezuela, in it´s capital Caracas. I was fortunate to go the British School of Caracas, which made me learn english almost before than spanish, so I know english very well. When I was 8 years old we moved to Madrid, Spain, because my father was originally spanish. And I continued studying in the Kensington School, and then in Valdeluz School and finally in Pablo VI School.
Due to my devotion and my parents´ to films and TV, when I finished school I studied “Advanced Technician in the Production of Shows and Audiovisual Programmes” in the College of Further Education CES in Madrid, and then did a course in “Specialist in Animation and Multimedia Techniques”, and another one at the same time on “AVID Image Editor”.
In the year 2003, when I was 21 years old and after completing the first lap of professional studies, I travelled to India for the first time, as a volunteer to help the orphans at Mother Teresa´s houses in Calcutta. It was a very special and unique experience to feel the joy of serving others. During this trip I took the chance to travel around Thailand and went trekking in the Himalayas, in Nepal. Back in Delhi, India, I received the news that my father died, so my dream to continue travelling got disolved and I returned to Spain.
Then I was in Madrid helping my mother in her decoration shop “Baraka”, while I combined it with a “First Aids” course, two french courses in the Alliance Français, up to the level Elemental 2, and also I continued with the studies in media with a “Course on Digital Camera Operator” and a “Course on Professional Photography”.
In the year 2005 I stopped working with my mother and did an intense internship as a second director assistant in the TV serie “My Adorable Neighbors”, a production of Globomedia for Antena 3 TV, where I learnt well the shootings´ dynamic and the different roles. I also collaborated as a second director assistant in the shooting of the shortfilm “The Festival”, shot in 35mm, available on In the same year, I started working as Avid video digitizer and editor for the TV program “I Am For You”, a production by Globomedia for Antena 3 TV.
During the year 2006 I took some time away and went travelling around Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, getting to know wonderful places.
When I returned I worked as Avid video editor for the TV program “The Show Begins” in Zebra Productions for TV1, and then too for the TV programs “Fashion Renewal” and “Beauty Renewal” in Scope Productions for Antena 3 Nova TV, one of the first programs for the DTT.
That year my mother died and I became the orphan of the story. Since she started following a spiritual path, the previous year she took me to the “Positive Thinking and Raja Yoga Meditation” course given in the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Madrid, where she attended and collaborated as volunteer for several years, so then I started to attend the daily morning classes at the center.
I continued working as Avid video editor for the TV program “X Factor” in Alaska Productions for Cuatro TV, and then as Avid video digitizer for the TV serie “The Boarding School”, a production of Globomedia for Antena 3 TV.
In the year 2007, after being admitted in the Film and Audiovisual College of Madrid ECAM in the speciality of “Direction of Photography”, I took the chance during the summer to visit for the first time the Brahma Kumaris foundation in India.
In ECAM I attended the first two years, during which I did many practices as director of photography, camera operator and electrician. The most noticeable practice as director of photography is the shortfilm “Dr Mins´ Laboratory”, available on
I attended the optional documentary classes and did a documentary music video “The Time”, available on
During the summer holidays of 2008 I did a brief and fun course on theatrical improvisation in the Theatre Janagah in Madrid, and also did a documentary called “For the Love of Art”, recorded in Granada, Barcelona and Madrid.
Besides the Film College I collaborated as director of photography, camera operator, electrician, video assist and even as script for various shortfilms, a commercial and experimental videos of several directors, as for example the direction of photography of “Faces Pieces“ projected during the “Experimental Film Week of Madrid”, available on
In the year 2009, during the second year at the Film College I had several spiritual experiences together with God´s recognition at a deeper level, which made me reconnect and give priority to the morning classes at the Brahma Kumaris, which I abandoned during the first year, and to meditation. This made me change my habits and lifestyle, and to not complete the third year of college due to expulsion!
By then I had acquired my own recording equipment: a profession HD camera with high quality external microphones.
I moved to Seville for some time and recorded a serie of interviews to teachers of the organization about existential questions called “The Inner Revolution”.
In 2010 and 2011 I lived several months in London, in Venezuela and in Trinidad, and toured around various Caribbean Islands recording the tropical ocean and beautiful natural landscapes for meditation videos with the nature. The trailer “Journey Within” is available on I also recorded a short video on questions to children “God”, available on
In 2012 I went to Hollywood in Los Angeles for two months to attend the “Four Week Filmmaking Workshop” at the New York Film Academy. Not as a student film but during this time I shot in 16mm film and digital HD the first part of the shortfilm “The Angels of Hollywood”. Project which I´ve written, produced, directed, acted and dedicated the next 4 years of my life, until it´s completion in November 2016 with integrated 2D visual effects and final scenes in 3D animation. This made me learn about the different steps and departments for creating 3D animations and to use  After Effects at a basic level.
I´ve also written the lyrics and done the music video of the original soundtrack “Claim a Crown”, available on And the lyrics, voice, audio editing and music video of the song “Little Star”
Now a days I am designing and developing the websites in english and spanish of the shortfilm and, which have enabled me to learn how to create websites on WordPress.
During the workshop at the New York Film Academy I shot two short videos inside the Universal Studios: “The Story of Immortality” and “Forgiveness”.
Back in Madrid, between 2013 and 2015 I´ve recorded and edited a couple of theater plays. And in the years 2013 and 2014 I did a course on “Expert on Recording, Directing and Video Editing” where I wrote the script for a shortfilm “The tobacco companies don´t sell mothers”, a criticism to the tobacco industry, which I hope to shoot someday. During the course I also recorded the short video “Amrit Vela” and a promotional video for “8rooms”.
I have in mind two wonderful scripts for feature films “Alpha” and “The Story of Immortality”, which I´d like to do someday with the collaboration of other important producers and directors.
Since 2013 until now I am a volunteer in charge for the social media: Facebook and the Youtube channel, of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Madrid. I have recorded and edited the conferences and various videos on the Youtube channel.
Currently I edit only with Final Cut 7 and I know Photoshop quite well.
I travel to India almost every year since 2010 to the Brahma Kumaris foundation in Rajasthan, and I´ve been recording with a small and low quality camera everything I´ve found interesting.
There I sometimes collaborate as simultaneous translator from english to spanish, and as a job I´ve translated some texts also in Spain.
Besides this, I have different hobbies: photography, creating graphic designs, drawing and painting, writing poems, running, listening to music, apart from meditation and studying spiritual knowledge, which is my source of inspiration and guides me at every step.